We are a parent focused community,

providing joy-filled events & family retreats with a supervised kids club.

Now let’s (all) have some fun.

Our mission is to create a community supporting parents’ happiness by providing family experiences through local events and weekend retreats. When parents are happy, kids are happy, and families thrive.


why wyldflower

As humans, our truest
nature is to be independent, unconventional, joyful
and full of life.

A free spirit. A wildflower.


As parents, we often feel overwhelmed by the ‘juggle’ of daily life, and somewhere in the middle of all that we can easily lose our true identities.  We forget to do those simple things that make us happiest.  We don’t prioritize the things we’ve always loved to do. The Wyldflower Collective is on a mission to help you change that.

Have you ever seen a wildflower standing alone? Sure, sometimes.  The majority, however, are growing in community with other wildflowers, with the common goal of not only surviving, but thriving.  It’s why we chose wildflowers to help brand our community. 

We changed the “I” in Wildflower to “Y” to remind you that YOU matter.

Your needs, those things that bring YOU joy, matter. You don’t have to be a solitary “I” feeling like you’re alone on your parenthood journey.  The “Y” represents our collective You - our community of like-minded parents.  And, it’s an invitation to integrate the “old You” and the “new You,” and to feel welcome just being yourself.

We hope you’ll join our community at The Wyldflower Collective to experience our intentional and creative experiences designed with you in mind…to help you reconnect to You and enjoy your life and family even more.


The Wyldflower collective interview on the boss mamas mindset podcast

In this short interview, Karen and Laura discuss everything from desiring to feel free again as parents, to having the courage to ask for what you want and connecting to your inner intuition (your true self). Click to listen!

I’m on a happy parent crusade
— Karen cook, founder of the Wyldflower collective


meet founder,
KAREN cook

Founder and
Chief Experience Officer of
The Wyldflower Collective.

Karen comes from a long line of party planners, so it's in her DNA to gather great people together. After having children, Karen was disappointed that everything they could do as a family was catered to kids, not considering the parents who are working so hard to raise them.

Karen believes parents have the most important job in the world - literally raising the future - but in today’s modern world of options and distractions, this comes at a cost.

Karen believes if parents find time to reconnect with themselves, their partners and their friends, they'll be happier in all aspects of their lives and will be better parents, spouses, and people in general. When our children see us take care of ourselves, it sends the message that the world is bigger than just them and that we all matter. Parents matter.

Karen’s background in design, art direction and photography brings these events together in a way that's professional, fun and creative.


E M A I L M E !
I truly love hearing from you. If what I’m doing touches you, tell me. I’m just Mom behind this computer who loves real engagement.

Also, I’m always seeking collaboration
opportunities with other women entrepreneurs.
Let’s go for a beach walk and discuss.

Stay Wyld.


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NJ/NY where you at?

Here’s Karen and her husband Chris celebrating their 10 year wedding anniversary. The Cooks are from the East Coast and live in Santa Monica, CA with their two children, Angelina (5) and Nicola (2). Without family nearby, this Collective has become their Village. Come join the fun.