An on-site kids club
with enriching and social experiences for the little Wyldflowers in our lives


Social, playful, interactive, fun
this is
wyldflower kids

Not just babysitting.
We hand select preschool experienced teachers to
create an engaging and fun curriculum for the kids while
their parents are recharging.

(suited for kids 2-10)


Our children truly are little wildflowers - traveling to the beat of their own drum and living their best life, naturally. As parents, we are often inspired by our children’s openness to just play and have fun.

Wyldflower Kids is here to support and nourish your little Wyld Child.

Karen Cook, Founder of The Wyldflower Collective, has hand selected top notch preschool teachers to run the Wyldflower Kids Club program. She trusts these teachers with her own children and loves the way they are so invested in seeing our little Wyldflowers thrive.

Check out these Wyldflower Kids (19!) at our recent family retreat to Los Olivos

Family Retreat
Kids Club Itinerary


4PM - 7PM | Wyldflower Kids Teacher / Family Meet & Greet
Our teachers join in during family time to get to know the kids and help with s’mores and games


9AM - 12PM | Wyldflower Kids Club

Kids: Nature time: exploring + art, snack

Adults: free time


3PM - 5:30PM | Wyldflower Kids Club

Kids: Outside play, obstacle courses, nature art project, snack

Adults: free time


9-11am | Wyldflower Kids Club

Kids: gymnastics, exploring + special planned art project

Adults: free time, optional on-site yoga at 9:15AM

Wyldflower Kids Club $185 / 7 hours of Kids Club

$185 per child ages 2 - 10
7 total hours of on-site kids club withenriching and social experiencesfor the little Wyldflowers in our lives. Includes activities and organic snacks.

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meet the team


miss amancay

Amancay Ledezma received her Bachelor’s degree in Child and Adolescent Development and is currently getting her Master’s in Social Work. She has been teaching Transitional Kindergarten for three years and Preschool, ages 4-years-old for two years prior.

Before teaching, Amancay coached gymnastics. She worked with children from 2-years old to high school age. Her experience coaching lead her towards a desire to do more. When asked about working with children, Amancay says, “she cares about what the future looks like and understands the importance of a good early childhood education.” If she could instill one attribute in her students, she says it would be resilience. As she studies for her masters she sees the importance of this more and more every day. 


teacher kenner

Kenner Rakoz is a fan favorite at Garden of Angels preschool in Santa Monica, where he taught for 5 years as a certified teacher through the UCLA extension program.

Kenner and Amancay regularly lead children on nature walks with SoCal Nature Trips. He coaches basketball and spent a few years coaching baseball and soccer. He grew up in Washington and loves the outdoors. When asked about the reason he likes working with kids he said, “Children are experiencing almost everything for the first time, and no one on earth besides these lucky young ones have such a clean slate for healthy mistakes. Through these mistakes they show a genuine interest in doing things to the best of their ability.” One fun fact is that Kenner knows at least 10 random magic tricks!



Layne Deyling Cherland studied
Early Childhood Education in
Santa Barbara where she’s worked
in various capacities at Trinity Preschool for 6 years.

On her journey from toddler teacher to assistant director she has had the good fortune to teach ages 2-5, conduct art classes and mentor other teachers (plus lots of administration tasks that are too boring to talk about). 

Layne has found that her passion for 2-3 year olds surpasses all others. She is mesmerized by their raw truthfulness and insatiable need to explore (and put their hands in) absolutely everything. She strives to hold space for people to “be free and empowered to live out a full expression of who they are at their moment in development, children and adults alike.” 



Karen’s right hand gal and Wyldflower Kids teacher. Lizzie Berrang graduated from Tufts University in Boston in 2016
where she studied Child Studies
and Human Development.

She pursued her love of adventure and the outdoors by hiking and camping around New Zealand for the following year. Her curiosity and sun-loving nature brought her to LA a year and a half ago. 

She’s worked with children in many capacities including as a nanny, daycare and preschool teacher, and most recently as the child care facilitator at the Los Angeles Tennis Club.

She loves watching children’s curiosity and intuition guide their interactions with each other and the world around them. Particularly fulfilling for Lizzie is spending time with kids in nature - be it on the beach, in the woods, or any place in between. She believes these outdoor environments really showcase their amazing resourcefulness and inspiring imagination. To witness a child’s unbridled joy and free spirit is absolutely contagious, and she loves having the opportunity to share in that.

In addition to a Wyldflower Kids teacher, Lizzie has recently joined Karen behind the scenes to help make all The Wyldflower Collective experiences come to life.