The power of AND on International Women's Day

It’s International Women’s Day and we are living in an incredible time. Women no longer have to choose one thing to be or do. We have discovered the power of AND and we are just beginning.

Anyone else have a parent that stayed in the same job 30+ years? Or a Mom or Dad that stayed home our entire childhood? If they loved it, kudos!

Fast forward to today, there are a plethora of options available to the modern woman. These options mixed with modern technology make it accessible for us to explore and experience more in work AND life, in parenting AND passions. With so many opportunities available to us, choosing only one label wouldn’t allow us reach our full potential or purpose.

You can be both grateful for your life AND still want more. That’s not being ungrateful, that’s ambition.

Opportunities wave to us from our home computers. Options to work part-time, full-time, flex time, or from home are all now available (slowly but surely they will become the norm). In life, there are so many options for us to express our interests, simply by learning from a tutorial on-line.

If something other than what you’re currently doing piques your interest, give yourself permission to go toward those things and watch the joy that follows. If you love it, you will figure out how to expand your life to include more of it because it adds to your life.

When we choose more than one thing to be and love, it EXPANDS us. If you love to paint but you’re a busy momma - be a mother AND a painter. If you have a fire in you to create something new, be a mother AND a business owner. A mother AND a marathoner. An executive AND a photographer. We now have the resources available to expand toward whatever lights our souls on fire. THIS is the kind of life I want my daughters to experience.

We are not defined by one label. A woman’s very nature is diverse and intricate and passionate. Showing our children that the world is an interesting, exciting place full of opportunity is a beautiful lesson to teach them.

Today, women are collaborating all over the world, raising each other up, joining together to stand up for our beliefs, offering intuitive value to the world - which only us women can.

Despite all the negative news, it’s a very exciting time to be a woman and an inspiring time to raise children.

Your happiness matters and when we women take a stand for what we want, what we love and how we want to live, we are raising the energetic vibration of this world, together.

So beautiful woman, what surrounds your AND?


Karen Cook is a mom of two young girls living with her husband and family in LA. Founder and Chief Experience Officer of The Wyldflower Collective - a parent focused community providing joy-filled events and retreats with on-site supervised kids club - so we can catch a breath. Follow her story on Instagram at

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